Believe in yourselves, believe it is possible.
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About us

Our focus is in fertility, not infertility.

Making babies, is possible. ‘Possible‘ is what we believe in.

About SurrogacyIndia

SurrogacyIndia is proudly the First ART Bank in India, catering to both National and International patients.

Team SI has been providing fertility treatments, primarily focusing on Surrogacy and egg donation, since year 2007.

To reproduce is the strongest human desire, second only to survival itself. If none of us passed on our DNA and refuse to become parents, life would end with us.

The motive that drove us on this path was the pain, anguish, suffering which the hoping parents and families go through, to see a joyful little face.

We were thus born with a belief to be able to assist you during your fertility journey, till your baby is born.

Unlike IVF, which is a 15 day treatment; surrogacy is a year long emotional parenthood journey. It is about holding your hands throughout the IVF / ICSI process, antenatal care, passport and visa assistance, etc. in India.

SurrogacyIndia has more than 35 man years’ experience in health care, focusing on infertility, and medical tourism, within the ICMR framework of India.

If you believe in yourselves, if you believe it is possible, then write to us,

Our mission

To assist synergistically in conceiving ideas, implanting hopes, nurturing beliefs and reproducing smiles in the intended parents.

Our Logo

Our logo represents our Philosophy; it takes three to make a baby; you, the surrogate (and or egg donor) and us.

The three embodies a woman carrying a child in her womb. The subtle pink shadow expresses, surrogate’s or egg donor’s willingness to stand beside and support you, making motherhood possible.
The plus (+) denotes the value we add to you and the arrow indicates our aspiration to move right up. 

These all signify our endeavor in bringing smiles to you.

Our Commitments

  • Providing quick and accurate information about our Surrogacy and Egg Donation programs
  • Finding the most suitable and qualified Surrogate moms and Egg Donors for Intended Parents through different channels
  • Ensuring candid and confidential communication between Intended Parents and Surrogates mothers.
  • Saving finances by proper planning, coordinating cycles to keep trips to Mumbai as minimum and providing all logistic arrangements for out of Mumbai clients.
  • Assisting to ensure all financial transactions go smoothly and remain traceable. Making payments to SM in cheques only
  • If required, providing options for the most qualified legal counsel and psychologists available.
  • Giving support and guidance through this complex and stressful trying time.

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