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9 months pregnancy, Ante natal care

Please find some pointers to indicate how surrogates are taken care during the 9 month pregnancy stage.


We keep our surrogates admitted at our clinic for minimum 15 days, to avoid any physical exertion, avoid relation with husband and monitor intake of medicine till we are able to do the beta (bHCG) test to confirm the pregnancy status.


Once we receive a positive beta (bHCG) result, we extend her stay at the clinic for further 15 days, till we perform a scan to confirm the number of sacs and establish foetal cardiac activity.


In the initial weeks, we prefer to do scans on a weekly basis to ensure safety and rule out any early pregnancy concerns or loss. As pregnancy progresses into second trimester, we do scans on fortnightly or monthly basis. Once the pregnancy crosses 32 weeks of pregnancy, the scans are performed more frequently.

Also, the pregnancy scans are performed at 3-4 different centers by different doctors, only to ensure nothing is missed out by any centre. Please write to us and ask for 9 months Surrogate care schedule.


In malformation scan, we aim to see the developed baby with all body parts, and to rule out any anatomical abnormality. We suggest parents should attend this as this will be the first time, they can view their child. A never forgetting experience.


We have a standard chart for performing blood tests, which includes all routine tests, and systemic tests like thyroid, diabetes, renal function and liver function test.


We do Infectious screening for both surrogate and her husband which includes HIV, HCV, HbsAg, VDRL, every three months.


Three important genetic screening tests are performed, to rule out chromosomal abnormalities in the foetus, namely, NFT scan in 12 weeks, quadruple maker in 16 weeks and malformation scan in 18 weeks.


Surrogate starts visiting the Obstetrician at 12 weeks of pregnancy. The doctor monitors her BP, pulse, weight, routine obstetric check, and gives advise for further management. Initially the visits are scheduled once every month and in the last trimester, closer to her term, once every week.


We start preparing surrogate for embryo transfer once she gets menses. We add progesterone in injectable and vaginal form prior to the embryo transfer and continue till 12 weeks of pregnancy. Once she crosses her 12 weeks we taper her hormones and continue iron, calcium, vitamins, minerals, protein biscuits and protein powder to the surrogates.


Surrogates are usually housed close to the SI office, in rented houses. This helps if any surrogate wants to stay with her family. For medical indications, surrogates are admitted at two SI clinics available for surrogate care. Post embryo transfer, abdominal pain, PV leakage, bleeding, high blood pressure, etc. are few reasons for admission in clinics, on the request of the obstetrician.


All basic immunization like TT (tetanus) and any other if required is provided (eg: anti D).


If required and medically indicated, surrogate mother may undergo few procedures during pregnancy, like Amniocentesis, CVS, OS tightening, Embryo reduction, etc.


Pregnancy is total period of 9 month, we can observe many hormonal changes in surrogates starting from mood swings to metabolic changes in body, which causes Pregnancy induced diabetes, pregnancy induce hypertension, thyroidism or many other complication. Multiple scan, blood test and obstetrician visit during pregnancy will be able to diagnose on set of these complications in early stage. We have 24 hrs ambulance available to handle emergencies and transfer surrogate to higher centers.


We deliver all our surrogates at our deivering Hospital. The date is always planned with parents consent to make sure they are present at the time of delivery to experience most beautiful movement of their life, unless in cases of emergency.


After discharge of the surrogate mother, from the delivering hospital, we usually ask our surrogates to visit SI every week for first 3 months for follow up and care. They are provided medicine which includes iron, calcium and protein support for post partum care. Psychological counseling of the surrogate after delivery to understand that she has psychologically accepted the surrogacy process and child handing over. Also, once a surrogate, they are always our surrogates, and are taken care for life for all medical and other reasons.


They play vital role in our program, as they always accompany surrogates for all their medical and non medical visits. They visit Surrogates houses reguIarly to monitor hygeine, medicine stock, and their eating habits.


As team SI, we not only take care of our Surrogates but of their whole family. We are associated with dentist, pediatrician, physician, may surrogates child or her husband needs any such medical assistance.


All the above mentioned reports and information will be sent electronically to you on regular basis. This is how you keep in touch with your baby, baby’s growth and surrogate health, through us.

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