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Cycle Dates, SI Visit, EPU

Surrogacy India > Cycle Dates, SI Visit, EPU
Surrogacy India > Cycle Dates, SI Visit, EPU


At SI, IP’s have the choice to decide the month for the cycle.


Once you finalize the cycle month, you can start selecting the surrogate mother. This should ideally be done 6-8 weeks before the cycle date.


Mother / Egg donor and surrogates menstrual cycles are synchronized by using Biphasic oral contraceptive birth control pills (BCP). Both SM and IM / ED are given proper dates of starting and stopping the BCP.


You (intended mother) will be started on hormonal treatment (Inj. Gonadotropin) to stimulate your ovaries lasting 11-13 days under medical supervision.

In the case of Egg Donor, the intended mother does not need to undergo any procedure.


  1. There will be two semen samples required during the program. The first semen sample is taken ideally 3-4 days before egg pick up, for back up. If the husband is very nervous and not able to produce a semen sample on the egg pick up day, the backup can be used. Alternatively, it will be kept as back up semen sample for any other attempt.
  2. Another sample will be required on the day of the Egg Pick Up. The fresh sample will be used for fertilization of the eggs.
  3. Please note there has to be 2-4 days abstinence only before any semen sample is given.


  1. For the Legal Contract to be signed between the Surrogate and the IP, we need you to visit our office.
  2. You will also get to meet the Surrogate Mother and her husband during agreement signing.


  1. The Intended Mother is required to reach the hospital as per advice. You should be accompanied with your husband or partner.
  2. One of our staff will be present to help you through the registration and admission. All the payments will be done by SI.
  3. Bring all your medical reports file with you (SI file).
  4. Patient (wife) should be NBM after 10 pm India time, the previous night (fasting from previous day of admission as per instruction given by doctor).
  5. Carry a change of clothes, as it may help you if you need. Try and keep your bag light, and do not bring any expensive items.
  6. You (IM) will be kept in hospital for more than 5-6 hours post Egg Pick up for observation.


  1. Post pick up, you are requested to drink plenty of water, about 4-5 liters a day.
  2. Please take all your medications properly on time as per doctor’s instructions.
  3. In case of any ill-health, please call the doctor immediately.

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