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Unique cases treated

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Unique cases treated

Every case, every client is unique in their own ways. We would though like to highlight few cases which are rare in their own way.

C2 Complement Deficiency (Canada)

Oldest living woman with this (rare) condition (only 8 such cases diagnosed in world), now a mother of 3 beautiful children through two different attempts of Surrogacy.

Heart Lung Transplant (Sweden)

First such case in the world, where we cautiously stimulated the patient with Heart Lung Transplant, just to get 3 eggs, 3 embryos, and they took a healthy child back in 2012.

Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (Norway)

Arguably first such case to undergo stimulation and egg pick up. Minimal stimulation resulted in 3 eggs, 3 embryos, and one baby born in 2011. Is presently undergoing her second cycle.

Paraplegia (Paralysis of abdomen and lower hips) (India)

Lost her parents, became paraplegic, in car accident post her 10th grade, had lost all hopes, till she found man of her life and us. It was the most difficult egg pick up, with bilateral frozen hips (osteoporosis) and got 9 eggs, and got pregnant in first attempt, baby delivered in 2013.

Peripartum Cardiomyopathy (Canada)

Developed Cardio myopathy post first delivery, she had no choice but to go for Surrogacy. Got eggs and baby in first attempt in 2009.

Type A Diabetes with Retinal Involvement (Australia)

Patient with childhood diabetes, progressed to severe loss of vision, and nephropathy, and pregnancy strongly contraindicated, had to be stimulated with minimum dosage. Got pregnant in First Attempt. While pregnancy, underwent retinal surgery to improve vision and she proudly could see her baby, when born.

Ovarian Translocation (USA)

Hysterectomy performed at the age of 23 for cervical cancer with abdominal translocation of ovaries. Performed laparoscopic egg pick up was done, yielding a single egg, which led to a healthy child. Post this case, many other cases of ovarian translocation were done.

High Age (India)

42 year old stimulated with successful egg retrieval and embryo transfer to surrogate. This is one of our oldest patients having taken child back.

IVM Cycle (Hungary)

Due to restrictive medical condition, had to do egg pick up on day 8, let the eggs mature in vitro (through IVM Process), fertilized with sperms and got beautiful embryos.

Male Infertility (USA)

Sample produced on EP Day showed ‘0’ sperms. Immediately perforrmed TESE, retreived sperms, fertilized eggs, made Parenthood Possible.